What’s new in 2013

Hey LSU Denver,

I have a few announcements for the coming year.

First: We are continuing down the road of becoming a non-profit. In doing so, I made up a board of directors, established committee chairs, and have had the board adopt bylaws. The committee chairs will head up the events. Of course, they will need your help. So if you are interested in volunteering for a committee please email them directly. Their LSU Denver email address is below. I have the utmost confidence in each of these individuals and I truly believe they will bring our organization to where it needs to be.

President – Shane Larisey (president@lsudenver.com)
President Elect – Suzan Patrick
Secretary – Destin Sims
Treasurer – Colette Sutely (treasurer@lsudenver.com)
Alumni Relations – Kristy Howell
Member at Large – Keisha Rubalcaba
Member at Large – Chet Marshall

Game Chairman – Keisha Rubalcaba (games@lsudenver.com)
Gumbo Cook Off Chairman – Chet Marshall (gumbo@lsudenver.com)
Crawfish Boil Chairman – Destin and William Sims (crawfish@lsudenver.com)
Mardi Gras Ball Chairman – Suzan Patrick (mardigras@lsudenver.com)
T-Shirts and Paraphernalia – Garrett Sutley
Webmaster – Andrea Merida (webmaster@lsudenver.com)

Second: The position of president and president elect is to be a 1 year position. After a year, the president elect will take over as president. In it’s current role, the president elect will be assisting the president with all the events and activities throughout the year. All other committees and positions will be held for two years unless there are extenuating circumstances preventing said person from finishing out their term. It will be best to have a committee chair have an assistant that will take over at the end of the chair term. This, of course, will be the responsibility of the committee chair.

If everything I have set up is followed this will eliminate the pressure of one person doing all the work. This way, the board and committee chairs are equally as responsible as the president. Work as a team and LSU Denver will continue to grow and become the best non-profit organization LSU has.

Third: It saddens me to say this but I’m moving to Houston for my job. I will still be acting as president until August and will be at all of our events. Suzan Patrick will take over as president at the beginning of football season. She is a die hard LSU fan and a very successful, and well organized, event planner. She has served on the game committee this past year and will be heading up the mardi gras ball committee for next year’s mardi gras ball.

Other things to think about for the coming year:

Currently we have two LSU Bars in Colorado. One in Denver (Blake Street Tavern), one in Colorado Springs (BooDad’s Beach House Grill). If you know of a location in the Ft Collins area that would like to host LSU games, please let me know. The “official” bar will still be in Denver but I understand it is not ideal for FTC and COS LSU fans to drive to Denver every weekend.

Volunteers are always welcomed. With the new organization volunteering will be a lot more fun and the work will be spread out. If you have already volunteered, I have you on my list. That list will be distributed to the committee chairs.

Thank you everyone for all your support over the last year. It’s because of you I have been able to accomplish so much in so little time. You keep me motivated!

That’s all for now! If I have missed something please let me know.


Shane Larisey

outgoing President